Istanbul hotels and holidays in Turkey

Istanbul is one of the most interesting travel destinations in Turkey with thousands of hotels and many tourist attractions.

It is the largest city in Turkey with a population of over 12,8 million people and there are a lot of important landmarks derived from its huge historical status as capital of the Ottoman Empire and Byzantium. Istanbul is also called a megacity, as well as the cultural and financial centre of Turkey.
Some of the most interesting sights are:
  • Hagia Sophia - one of the largest churches (cathedrals) in the world
  • Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque)
  • Topkapı Palace - Residence of Ottoman Sultans
  • Dolmabahche Palace
  • Bosphorus - the bridge that connects Europe with Asia.
  • Kapala bazaar - the largest covered market in Turkey
Istanbul is among the largest shopping centers not only in Turkey but also the European region. It is famous for its enormous shopping malls as Metrocity, Akmerkez and Cevahir Mall - the largest mall in Europe and seventh largest in the world.

Istanbul is one of the most important tourism spots of Turkey. Its thousands of hotels are very different and as you can predict they are from luxurious hotels to the most ordinary one star cheap hotels. Although there are so many hotels it will not be easy to find a proper hotel for you if you plan to go there without a reservation. So keep that fact in mind and try to book your hotel before you go to Istanbul, at least several weeks ago. It is the same if you plan to spend there your family holiday.

Istanbul holidays differ and that's why we would consult you to find a good travel agency that could find you the best Istanbul holiday as early as possible because in this case you will save some of your money, although some people think they can find their hotel reservation or holiday package at a cheaper prise and without the services of any travel agency.